Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Question Time with Howard

                                    I've got questions - he's got answers.

S - How many tornados have gone through Maryland?
H - About twenty in the last 60 years.

S - Are there beds in trucks?
H - Sometimes. You can tell by the head of the truck. (Truck passing) That one does not have a bed.

S - Where are the Northern Lights?
H - Somewhere in Canada.

S - How many major railroad systems are there in the U.S.?
H - A couple.

S - Our road and interstate system is amazing, how long do you think it took us to build all this?
H - About ten years. There was a major roadway undertaking in the 50's.

S - What are those things?
H - Windmills. Their putting them all over the place now. There is talk that we will be putting them 30 feet out into the ocean sometimes in the next few years.

S - Is lake Erie the biggest lake in the U.S.?
H - No. Lake Superior.

S - Where is Bigfoot?
H - Montana.

Travelled through - Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.
Status: Holiday Inn Express, Iowa. 


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