Friday, January 7, 2011

au courant

The past two days have been amazing. I have been driving through natural scenery like I have never experienced. I drove into the sunset for two hours. The variety of colors pressed against the falling blue sky surrounded every angle of my sight. I felt like a child inside of a snow globe. The sky was literally split into two with the sun setting bright ahead, the black night sky falling behind and me stuck in between. It was truly an ironic moment.

As the sights become more fascinating so does my excitement. I am remembering how it feels to feel something new. I feel the first day of school jitters. I feel the first day of summer thrill. I feel the first winter snow fall. The smell of pancakes on a Saturday morning. Lightning bugs on a warm spring night. When did these experiences stop? Or did I stop noticing? I am realizing there is a difference between being alive and feeling alive.

I leave behind 23 years of experiences, each moment a puzzle piece to my life. Those pieces are connecting and I am thankful to be aware. I miss every single person that has been a part of my journey. But I smile because our paths will cross again.

Living a Little,


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