Saturday, January 29, 2011

"I love who you are, I love who you aint"

The "Contrary Society" was a Pawnee Indian tribe commonly known as the "Crazy Dogs". Their philosophy consisted of doing the exact opposite of what they themselves or anyone expected them to do by enforcing the rule of opposites; for every choice, there is a relevant alternative. I connect this to Ying and Yang. All is one and one is all. There can't be sunshine without rain. There can't be life without death. There can't be peace without war. There can't be Joker without Batman.

I was living the life I had expected to live; sixteen years of school, college graduate, staying close to home and pursuing the performing arts. But something was wrong, something was missing. The pure fact that I was doubting all I had ever sought was deceiving and terrifying.  I was caught in a rut.  

Believe me, two months ago I could have never anticipated that I would be starting from scratch in Park City, Utah- homeless, jobless and quite frankly winging my life. When strangers ask what brought me here, I have a simple answer - an adventure. It was the opposite of what I had expected. But what are expectations?  Because today, I don't know what I'm doing. And I'm the happiest I've been a long time.

Crazy Dog


  1. Live it up Steph, be out there soon. Good pic of you too

  2. I love your spontaneity.. and your fearlessness. Or shall I say, pure courage, to just wing it on this adventure. Each post inspires me.. I hope I can someday grab my life by the balls and live it up. Maybe after I graduate?