Friday, March 18, 2011

Red and White

I apologize for the delay between posts. It is unlike me to have writers block but the past month has been eye opening in so many perplexing ways that I've had no words to express. The intricacies that make up the web of life are simply stunning and continue to amaze me in so many disguised ways. Life is truly a tapestry; a seemingly muddled mess of color and string, turned over to reveal a masterpiece.

We live on that tangled side, each thread representing a strand to our lives. There are moments when we get a glimpse of the unfinished product, the beautiful picture that is being created and it gives a restored faith in the path we are walking. But these moments are short and few because our minds live in fact, not in hope like our hearts. Fact being what is in front of us, what is "real". Hope being faith, belief that we are ultimately creating the picture we have always dreamed about.

I went into this adventure hoping to find myself and through the mysterious curves of the tapestry, I have found that and so much more. We all get hurt. We all have bad relationships and experiences that influence our decisions and feelings. We all fall victim to the tedious game - should I or should I not?
I've been playing this game for years and I've never won. Finally somebody has come along to close the box for me.

Fears, doubts, mistakes, regrets - only exist if you want them to. To some, this won't make sense. But that does not matter. It is I who write these words, it is I who lives this life and it is I who had a glimpse of my picture, a restoration of faith. I have found something infinitely special and I am going to follow it.

:) Steph

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