Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wringing the Sponge

The excitement of this huge undertaking has dimmed. As the season comes to an end, the snow begins to melt, many people leave, I find myself replaying the past few months over and over in my head. What if I had done things differently? What could I have done better? Did I fulfill what I came here to fulfill? All hypothetical questions that have no real significance to the amazing journey I've been having.

I don't exactly know why our minds work this way. Well I shouldn't speak for everyone, but for me at least. Why have I decided that this adventure is over and more importantly when did I decide this?

As much as I am excited to come home, the future can not cloud the present. When I was in Silver Spring I used to daydream about being somewhere else. Now I am somewhere else and I day dream about being in Silver Spring. Where is the balance? 

I realized that today. I realized the sponge I was upon entering Utah had seemingly soaked up all the water it could. As time passed, the most unfamiliar places became familiar. Routines set in. Opinions were made. Things were winding down. Life in Park City was becoming ordinary.

Well I'm wringing my sponge out today and forever. Even the most ordinary day can be extraordinary if you allow it to be. I realize that sounds corny and cliche but the point is, I don't ever want to feel a day is common or regular, whether here in Park City, back home in Silver Spring or anywhere I decide to go for that matter. 

Today I went to a local animal shelter and found out I can foster a dog for a night. I found a church to go to for Easter Sunday tomorrow. I found a beautiful hiking trail I want to check out on my next day off. 

For the next month and a half the adventure stays in Park City. Then the adventure moves back home :) 

The adventure never ends.

~ Steph

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