Monday, October 3, 2011

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end."

If it is not already obvious, I have moved back to Silver Spring and have been tackling the task of starting from scratch. Major transitions are exhausting. This is why it has been about two months since I have even looked at my "Crazy Dog in Utah" blog. I needed to put all my energy into starting fresh. But now things are being put back into a comfortable place.

I have found an inspiring job that could turn into a career. I am recovering nicely from knee surgery. I am making plans to get a place with the love of my life. I am setting and obtaining goals that are immensely important to me. One of those goals being writing (shocked?). I may write a novel one day. I may try to have a piece of my writing professionally published. I will never say never to my ambitions. This blog is a perfect start; an outlet to my inner most rational thoughts and feelings.

I have private diaries with writings that are mostly unclear and obscure; writings that seem to be versed in an unconscious state of mind. When re-read they seem senseless and reckless or too personal and passionate to reveal. But here I desire to share my beliefs and experiences constructed in useful ways to you, the reader, which in turn allows me to digest my own perceptions in healthy doses. This blog is just as much for me as it is for you. And if my words only touch one person, my goal is achieved.

I suppose this entry is a prologue for my entries to come. I will aspire to write weekly posts. I would like my topics to be more interactive. This week I will pose the question - what should my new blog title be? Ironically I can fill an entire body quite effortlessly but when it comes time to create a title - blank.

Happy Living


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